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A Crisis of Character

In a world obsessed with comfort and convenience,
the pursuit of personal discipline has largely fallen by the wayside.
Look at the world around you. Look to your left and to your right.
We spend our lives staring at our phones and into mirrors and out of cameras.
But when do we take the time to take a hard look inwards?

Perhaps if we did we would not like what we found...
Would we find integrity? The ability to keep promises to ourselves?
Would we come across perseverance? Strength? Holiness?

And if we did not, would we have the courage to do something about it?

Where are the men and women of character?

Fighting Back

In response to the crisis of character, The Arena is a mobile app where men and women record their daily acts of discipline in competition against one another. Forging discipline is normally a dull and difficult task, but The Arena transforms it into an exciting game. Built on competitiveness and social influence, the app taps into the powerful motivation that is only available through peer-to-peer competition.

The Basics

  • Sign up with your friends or group
  • Choose objective actions to track
  • Select a point value for each action
  • Record actions you complete each day
  • Try to outscore a weekly opponent
  • Best overall record is the champion

A Fitting Defense

The modern world is bloated with activity, constantly pulling at our attention from a thousand different directions. The Arena cuts through the distractions, providing a clear system for contenders to grow in self-awareness of their strengths and weaknesses and to track and measure progress - all available in a mobile medium that is perfectly suited for teens and young adults.

Crucial Weapons

At some point in their life, each person will come to a great crossroads.
Will they pursue the life of their grandest ambitions? Or will they follow
the path of convention, the path of doing just enough to make it to the next day. So often, the difference comes down to nothing more than inner character, personal discipline, and integrity in performing small but vital actions.

Game Details

Games run from 4-16 weeks, and can include up to 32 players. When setting up a game, the creator selects up to 20 acts of discipline, either from a library of preset actions, or custom actions that they define themselves. The preset actions (such as Make Bed, Prayer, and Plan Day) have been identified as important, foundational habits that many people of exceptional character have in common. Each action has a recommended point value, which can be adjusted by the creator during game set-up. Within a game, contenders track their own actions while keeping tabs on the points of their opponent and the other competitors.


In 2018, a few college friends could not ignore their need for greater discipline
and committed to push one another toward uncommon character.
They identified 19 small actions that they knew could transform their lives
- if they would only do them intentionally and consistently.
Coming up with an early version of The Arena, the group began to experience
the excitement and motivation necessary to follow through on their resolve.
Habits and character that had eluded them for years began to form.
As the concept was refined, The Arena spread across the campus,
providing a spark for many more men and women pursuing greatness.


To empower young men and women to achieve the
freedom of discipline and self-mastery in their lives


To become the most fun, effective, and widely used system for
individuals transforming their lives and the cultures around them

Our Values

Problem Solving

A problem will not go away unless I
act purposefully to make it go away. At The Arena, we strive to identify issues clearly, communicate them promptly, and respond to them with singular
speed and purpose.


If I am not devoted to a life of prayer, then truly what else matters? At The Arena, we fight to be men and women who keep God at the front of our minds so that our entire lives can be offered back to Him as a prayer.


God’s will for my life is nothing other than my deepest desires. “Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire”. At The Arena, we pray that we can live each day with passion and purpose to set the world on fire for God.

Embracing the Present Moment

This very moment is the chance I have
to choose greatness, or mediocrity. To embrace God, or reject Him. To love the person in front of me, or to brush her off callously. At The Arena¸ we pray that we might always choose the better way.

Our Team

Stephen Smith

Creator | CEO

Michael Rziha

Designer | CFO

Stephen and Michael have experienced firsthand the need for personal discipline in the modern world. They have seen it in their schools and in their Churches, but above all in their own lives. Yet attempts to build character do not need to be boring and ultimately futile. In fact, with the right motivation, growing in personal discipline can be engaging and effective! Most importantly, it can open up our lives to a whole new meaning of freedom, allowing us to go forward without fear and transform the cultures around us.

If you are passionate about spreading the freedom of discipline, please connect with us!

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"It is not the critic who counts...
The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena"

Theodore Roosevelt