The Arena Getting Started


The Arena is a mobile app where players record
daily actions in competition against each other.
Sign up in a group, choose small actions to track,
and start running toward the freedom of discipline.
See below for details on creating your group's game
or joining a game that you’ve been invited to.

Group Leader:

Group Leader:

Other Players:

1 - Create a Game

  • Select “Create Game” below
  • Create an account in The Arena
  • Set actions to include in your game
  • Assign point values to actions
  • Select “Finalize Game” to save settings

2 - Invite Players

  • Select "Share Join Code" from homepage
  • Share the code with other players
  • View roster to ensure all have joined
  • Once all have joined, select "Start Game"
  • Set game duration and start the game

3 - Join a Game

  • Receive text/email invite to game
  • Download The Arena mobile app
  • Select "Join Game" from homepage
  • Create account, using provided code
  • Once all join, creator starts the game

Game Play

Once the group leader starts the game, players face off against each other in weekly matchups.
The players record their actions daily, trying to outscore their opponent and secure the victory.
Games can run from 4-16 weeks, and the player with the best overall record is the champion.

Game Details:


When setting up a game, the creator selects up to 20 acts of discipline, either from a library of preset actions, or custom actions that they define themselves. The preset actions (such as Make Bed, Prayer, and Plan Day) have been identified as important, foundational habits that many people of exceptional character have in common.


Each action in The Arena has a recommended point value, which can be adjusted by the creator during game set-up. Point values should be considered carefully in order to further incentivize actions that are more of a focus for your group. The point system creates competition and transforms the building of discipline into an exciting game.


In addition to individual wins and losses, a game in The Arena can also be set up with a group reward (such as a pizza party, or some small gifts), earned when the group collectively reaches a set point total. A thoughtful group reward is encouraged to increase motivation, as are small prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers.

Customized Game Types

In The Arena, the game creator can choose from preset game types with minor variations, or create a fully custom game.


4 religious action options

14 general action options

2 custom action options


2 religious action options

16 general action options

2 custom action options


18 general acts
of discipline

2 custom
action options

Fully Custom

Up to 20 completely
customizeable actions
that are named,
defined, and valued
by the game creator.

Set-Up Your Game

Record Actions

Compete Weekly

Step into The Arena

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"It is not the critic who counts...
The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena"

Theodore Roosevelt